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Indian Classical Music : Solo 

Indian Classical music is an age old tradition based on spirituality and an Inward journey to re-establish one's relation with the outer world. Since this music is completely improvised and spontaneous, a complete performance is based on the time, weather, season and also the artist's emotion.

Sitar & Tabla

Northlight : Swedish folk & Indian Music

Northlight represents the melding of two distinct but beautifully complementary styles of music, the Nordic (Scandinavian) tradition on the one hand, and the Hindustani tradition on the other. The hallmark of the music is rich sensitivity toward the melody being performedin which the improvisation brings out the emotion of the song—beautiful tunes, evocative ragas or wildly energetic pieces that blend the two.

 Violin/Hardangar Fiddle - Sitar - Guitar/12 string Guitar - Percussion

    Bombay Fusion Ensemble: World music 

 A world music Band, born out of the inspiration from the music of different cultures around the world. Mainly based on roots music from different countries, Bombay Fusion Ensemble has a strong influence of Indian sound to base its Origin. Its music brings a colorful mix of different influences from Flamenco, Balkan, Middle Eastern, Nordic folk, Jazz, Afro-Cuban, Latin, Western Classical and other forms.

The Band believes in the wisdom of old cultures which gives a sense of distinct style and putting them in the present context of Globalization but with a strong identity. Therefore the Music of Bombay Fusion is a mix of their original ideas of composing with old styles making it very organic and rooted in the present scenario.                                                                 Sitar - Lotus Guitar - Bass - Percussion - Flute - Violin - Vocals

Srishtii Trio : World music 

Two of the most vibrant string instruments, Harp and the Sitar, have met to create Srishtii. Inspired by the Indian tradition, by contemporary western music, by Jazz and its avatars and also Greek and Turkish music, Srishtii is a world music reunion like no other: A subtle melt of Indian ragas, oriental modes, contemporary harmonies and myriad of diversified rhythms.

Harp - Sitar - Percussion

Hindol Max Duo : Nu Jazz & fusion 

An experimental modal Jazz setup formed by two friends, one with an Indian Classical background and the other in Jazz, having deep interest in each others Genre. The music is a blend of Jazz, Blues, Improvised and Indian music with nice grooves with soothing melodic lines.                  

Sitar - Guitar - Percussions