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 Increasingly  recognised as a talented and promising sitar player and composer of his generation, Hindol Deb started learning the sitar at the age of five from his father Sri Panchanan Sardar. He also received training from other imminent teachers like Pt. Santosh Bannerji and was later groomed under the tutelage of Pt. Deepak Chowdhury. He graduated from the Prayag Sangeet Samiti under the Allahabad University with a gold medal and is a recipient of the National Scholarship.

Hindol’s performance are marked by a combination of technical finesse and a deep sense of maturity. His aesthetic understanding is rooted profoundly in spirituality. Hailing from the Rampur-Maihar Gharana specializing in Veena influenced Alap and tantrakari, he prefers closed tone of his Sitar for more sustain and deep resonance.  His renditions are marked by maintaining purity of the Raga with elaborate rhythmic sections.

Hindol has also been exploring the infinite combinations in the crossover of Indian music with various other genres like contemporary  western classical, Jazz, Blues, Flamenco, Nordic folk, Balkan and African music. Hindol was invited by the French government, for a music residency, Rikskonserter Sweden for ETHNO festival, Musee Guimet with a project involving Harp, Sitar and Percussions with Clio Karabelias and Prabhu Edouard. He is also a member of the band called “Northlight” along with some accomplished musicians Mattias Perez, Nina Perez and Suchet Malhotra playing Indo-Nordic folk music with some original compositions.  He has also worked with different jazz musicians like Sebastian Gramss, Jarry Singla, Max Clouth and electronic music composer from Israel Amos Elkana. This year Hindol was invited to perform at the Kulturer Karneval and Vardens Fest in Sweden.

He has extensively toured Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Japan, France and Germany and USA for his classical as well as collaborative performances. In 2012 Hindol was invited by the Carnegie Hall for a music residency to interact with their alumni musicians and later same yearwas invited to Japan for a 12 city concert tour in Japan with rave reviews from the media .mni musicians and later in the same year was invited for a 12 city concert tour in Japan.


Apart from being a performer and composer, Hindol is also a dedicated teacher and conducts workshops of Indian Classical music, improvisation, and compositional techniques in India and abroad. Last year he was invited to conduct a workshop in Hoschule for Muzik und Tanz in Cologne.